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Although it derives from an ancient Chinese plant growing practice, the Bonsai art as we know it, has been strongly influenced by the Japanese Zen Buddhism and its principles. 

A Bonsai is a beautiful miniature display of nature and its seasons in all their splendor. It is impossible to look at a bonsai and not be genuinely moved by its uniqueness. But what makes each bonsai exceptional? It is the love, care, and discipline that the owner commits to the tree, each day. One could say that the bonsai takes the shape and beauty of an individual’s character, portrayed as a perfect combination of balance and power.
All bonsai owners appreciate the beauty of nature and thrive from a positive spiritual life. As a symbol of unity in between man, art and nature, a bonsai makes a most suited gift for a special person.  

Our online gallery displays only a few of the bonsai that we sell in our gallery, so we recommend that you come and visit our gallery during opening hours or alternatively, book an appointment that can fit with your busy schedule, through our contact form.


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